It’s all go here – the Ventnor Fringe on the beloved Isle of Wight (UK) is about to happen (and before that I’m off to Donegal to play at Leo’s Tavern tomorrow night with Tom McElvogue (flute / whistles), Moya Brennan (voice / harp) and Tim Jarvis (‘cello). . .eeek!)

So! Next Tuesday, I’m playing at this ‘ere concert (which only has 10 tickets left as of yesterday. . .)

and then on Wednesday (with only 16 tickets left. . .)

I forgot to say that my webshop now operates in euros – which means that if you are in the UK, the products are even cheaper!

Shortly, my tunes book and the Bunch of Keys tunes book will be up and available for ordering. . .so exciting! (see below for more info!)

You can now purchase, online, downloads of my back catalogue including the following CDs :

– ‘SHHH’ (Ian Carr and me)

– ‘HALF AS HAPPY AS WE’ (The Two Duos Quartet – KT, Andy Cutting, Ian Carr and Chris Wood)

– ‘ONE ROOF UNDER’ (me and Andy Cutting)

– ‘MAY MONDAY’ (first CD)


and also Tom McElvogue and Paddy Kerr’s beautiful CD, ‘THE LONG HARD ROAD’ as well as Johnny Coppin’s ‘BORDERLAND’ (the latter I guest on).

See http://www.karentweed.com/online-shop/

My Merrie Melodies Tunes Book (Vol 1) will be available from Sep 11th; there was a hiccup in the printing but it’s back on track now – and it comes with a CD so you can hear how the tunes go. The first 100 pre-ordered copies will be signed (to whoever you’d like them signed to) and are available from my shop now – but you won’t receive them until c.7th September, OK (pre-orderers get them early)?

Pre-ordered copies are 10 euros. After the launch date they will be 15 euros (these prices include the audio CD that accompanies the book). Click the link below to pre-order!


And I’ve hods to tell you but last night I happened to be at King House in Boyle for the concert with Martin Donohue, Sean O Se, Seamus Fay and the Nyas. I bumped into Siobhan Cosgrove (flautist with the Isle of Wight Symphony Orchestra) who is island-hopping (from IOW to Mull, Arran and now working her way through Ireland). It was great to see her and the concert last night was stunning – see the photos below and thank you, Siobhan for emailing them so promptly! Here’s Martin Donohue – what a guy and one of my all-time favourite box players.
. . .what an accordion!!!

(Photo: Siobhan Cosgrove)

Maybe see some of you soon, in Donegal, on the IOW or in Sligo at the Fleadh.

Here’s Seamus Fay – his CD ‘Cavan’s Lilter’ is a MUST buy. Gorgeous, and Seamus sings in a clear, beautifully in-tune way. His lilting is fantastic – you could set your clock by his rhythm and he sings ballads without frills or over-ornamentation. A breath of fresh air!

(Photo: Siobhan Cosgrove)

And of course, Sean O Se, who used to perform with Sean O Riada. Phenomenal stories, singing and all in that super West Cork accent. Sminky shorts, anyone? Sean is such a powerhouse and sang the roof off (acoustically too). Cor blimey trousers. . .

(Photo: Siobhan Cosgrove)

AND!!! tonight, the unbelievable Brid Harper is doing another launch for her debut CD in Duncairn Cultural Arts Centre.


Get a move on! The last 6 launch concerts in the past weeks have all sold out (imagine my surprise. . .). She’s SO good, I don’t know what to say (I know, that’s a first, eh?)

And finally – remember I spoke last time about John Ferguson? Well here he is. . .what a guy.

Not a tractor in sight (yet. . . )


Agency : Lorraine Carpenter at Different Strings Agency
Tel : +44 (0)117 904 1870 / (mobile:) +44 (0) 7929 135744

KT dates :

Sun 9th August : KT & Tom McElvogue playing as part of Moya Brennan and Tim Jarvis’ Family Band evening at Leo’s Tavern, Donegal.

Tues 11th August : Mark Hickman & Karen Tweed : ‘Reels, Airs and Songs from the Heart’
Pier Street Playhouse 8.30pm – 10.30pm
Tickets : £7 / £5 (unwaged / under 16s)
VFringe Box office : 01983 716767 (also available online)
This event is part of the VFringe Friends / members opt in 2 for 1 scheme

A gentle trip looking out towards the musical horizons inspired by a life around Priory Bay, Isle of Wight. . . in the words and music of Mark Hickman (songsmith, musician, composer & luthier from St Helens, IOW) and Karen Tweed (accordionist and composer now based in Roscommon, Ireland).
‘So rarely do we meet living composers writing about the life they are living. These are not just brilliant musicians, re-telling beautiful stories, music is who they are,’ Shirley MacNamara

Wed 12th August : Karen Tweed & The Dustbin Corner Ceilidh Band :   Sailors and Shipwrecks Fancy Dress Ceilidh
Pier Street Playhouse 3.30pm – 5pm
Tickets : £5 / under 6 years : £3 / family ticket (2 adults and 2 under 16s – none of whom need be related) : £10
VFringe Box Office : 01983 716767 (also available online)

A gentle (no experience necessary) barn dance – fancy dress optional (prizes for under 8 years, under 16 years and over 16s). Music by Karen Tweed (accordion), Mark Hickman (guitar and voice),Lorna Brownswood (flute) and caller Ian Watterson. Fancy dress optional on the theme of Shipwrecks and Sailors. . . you can come as the Mary Rose, a crab or a lobster pot or pirate, for example. . .

‘This band is a barrel of fun and frolics – get to see them or even better, book ’em!’
Shirley MacNamara