As from January 2021, Karen has closed her teaching books and no longer accepting new students but is happy to recommend teachers for you.

Email her for details. She is still running fortnightly accordion workshops via Zoom – again email for details:

I teach every age/level of piano accordion privately from technique to performance skills; I can help with your ensemble arranging and compositional /tune-writing skills.

I love acoustic music and having creative fun, while exploring musical expression is my personal focus as a teacher.
Since lockdown, I have enjoyed teaching entirely online using Zoom, skype, Facetime and WhatsApp video so if you would like some tuition, please contact me:
We can then discuss your needs.

Here’s how it works:
Once we have discussed your needs via email, you pay for an hour’s credit (£40) and we structure the lessons to last for as long as you need – often these are in small chunks of about 15-20 minutes.

The lessons are structured to follow whatever music you wish to play. I don’t teach for exam grades (but I can suggest a tutor in your area who does) and while I do specialise in the folk music of northern Europe, I am also happy to teach popular ballads, simple swing / jazz standards and basically encourage you to progress in whatever music you would like to play.

I follow up each lesson with notes and where needed, mp3 or pdf notation.
This gives you time to go away and work on ideas/techniques and then come back to continue – and I simply deduct the time from your credit as we go along.

When you have used up your hour would like more tuition, you can top up by paypal or BACS either hourly or take a 5 hours-for-the-price-of-4 hours’ bundle (£160).

I often help duos and ensembles to sharpen their performance/arrangement skills and as the rates are hourly, it doesn’t matter how many people take part in a lesson, the hourly rate is the same.

Contact me on:

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