Hello now!

I think I have started a little chit-chat about 5 times in the last 10 days and each time, something has jumped in. . .there is so much happening! I’ve also been distracted by watching all manner of gold finches, sparrows and siskins visiting the garden. . .my word, Spring is definitely my favourite time!

I’ve also finally caught up with Sally Barker (Poozies) on ‘The Voice’  – I’m afraid not owning a tv and being out of ‘watching the telly’ mode for a few years has meant that I’ve been a bit out of the loop in these kinds of shows but I am delighted for Sally and was touched by all of the contestants so far in their dedication and support of each other. Plus the panel have been quite entertaining themselves! Of course, it’s also fuelled endless discussions about the positives and negatives of competition. . .something that I grew up with and without which, I have to say, I probably wouldn’t have been playing now.

Having said that, I am still, these days, very cautious of competition and panels and judges. Observing ‘The Voice’, it reminded me that a good aspect of competition is that it makes you ‘up your standard’ as it were and see the bigger picture, which is good. Plus good judges give you sound advice and I’ve certainly had a lot and some of it, while not easy to swallow, was very wise indeed.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s show and hope they all have a great time – there’s certainly hot competition and Sally not only has a tremendous voice but is rock solid in her focus and delivery; I’ll be cheering her on and am immensely proud of her and all she has achieved so far.

I am, as always, fascinated by the media’s slant on everything – one of the contestants was very keen on a political career and was asked if he’d like to be the first black Prime Minister. It’s all in the controversy, isn’t it? I don’t care whether the PM is black, white, blue, Catholic, Jewish, male or female. ‘Interested in the good of the people’ and ‘fair’ would be a start. . . .

. . . but more on that note another time.

See below for what’s coming up in my diary and I’ll be back with more dates elsewhere shortly!

Have a lovely weekend. . .