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Now then. . . this is your half-day-or-so warning that there will be a long short story looming here. . . one of those day-in-the-life type things. But that’ll be next, not quite now, OK? I’m not as happy as I was in the photo above (I always seem to get good news when I’m with Hannah James. . .) but that’s for later.

Meantime, this is my local Wednesday night session

and this is from the wonderful Tim Dalling :

From: tim Dalling <annietimcd@hotmail.com>
Sent: 18 June 2015 22:36
Subject: Joe’s Tune Bank website


Hello all, what a lovely day we had last sunday! Continuous tunes for 10 hours, good crack, lovely folk and plenty beer to wash it all down. A credit to the fun and variety of joyful music that Joe’s memory inspires.

I should have made some announcement about this on the day but in the fun and excitement I forgot. We need to pay for the making of the website. 

With what Robert Baines has spent on buying the web storage space and name for the next two years (just under £200) and a small contribution to Tom Dalling (£200) for the hours that he has already spent and the days that he will be continuing to spend creating a website to house and share Joe’s tunes and some photos and memories.

So ideally we want to find £400. At a very rough estimate there’d be at least 40 people who were around last sunday or who knew Joe enough to be interested in supporting this little tribute project, so if we could all chip in a tenner then we’re sorted. Obviously ability to afford this will vary, so give what you feel you can afford, more or less, at the Donations page that Tom’s created on the tunebank.org website, here…



For those who were there last sunday, see it as a very reasonably priced ticket to a great ten-hour concert. For those who weren’t see it as investment in a valuable catalogue of a Tyneside fiddler’s rich and varied repertoire at the turn of the 20th/21st century. A lovely living musical anthropological resource.


Please pass on to any other possible interested parties.

Tim Dalling



In the event of there being lots of donations, extra funds will be spent either improving the website or being sent to a cause of which Joe would have approved eg the Cuba Solidarity Music Fund that money was given to after Joe’s funeral.


I had a smashing time in Shropshire, joined on stage by my old artschool chum, Jamie McCoan who sings Jake Thackray songs and plays guitar beautifully. He slung his video camera in the back of the car. My, what fun we had. Youtube may never be the same!!!!
I’m still eating duck eggs and steak for breakfast and will be launching my tunes book (number 1) in the autumn. More about that later too. . .

I’ve just been to see the Stamford College Art Foundation Course Exhibition. . . my word – it’s FANTASTIC!!!! The tutors, Richard Smith and Sue Martin have surpassed themselves this year – do get to see it (if it’s still on). Photos next time – ofcourse, ‘they’ (the powers that be) have already cut down the staff, courses available and hours for next year, despite this being the best exhibition I have ever seen of any foundation course in my life and would give most degree course shows a run for their money. But what do I know. . . .?

Between not being able to get a passport visa because world wide there have been no passports or visas issued (from the US consulates) for at least 10 days due to some hacking or ghost in the machine. . . . which means my Acadia Summer School participation is looking pretty unlikely to happen; and with no compensation to me or all at Acadia. Outrageous.

More on that later. Governments. . . who’d have ’em?

Off for a wander down by the banks of the Shannon
Have a sunny day, now. . .
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