Midsummer May Monday (Digital Download)


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Available to download in high quality 320k MP3 format. The Mp3 album is 137mb to download so please be aware of this when ordering as you will most likely need a reasonably fast broadband connection to download in a timely manner! Please also note that the download will not work directly to a mobile phone or tablet and needs to be downloaded to a computer and transferred to your media library (iTunes / Windows Media player etc) manually.

You will receive the download links immediately after purchase from the web shop and via email so ensure that you don’t leave the website until your purchase is complete.

01 – PLANXTY PARR (Karen Tweed) / DICKEYSTOWN HOP (Francis Ward) / RUANE THE MAN (Thomas McElvogue)
02 – HELEN TURNER’S TEXTET (Karen Tweed)
03 – AMICUM (Timo Alakotila) / VÄLKE (Elina Sipilä)
04 – LOVELY LORRAINE (Karen Tweed) / ROSA KVINT (Mattias Pérez)
05 – TANGUE PURPLE (Timo Alakotila)
06 – PILVI AND ESKOS BRUDVALS (Roger Tallroth) / THE DIAMOND (Billy McComiskey) / MANUKA COTTAGE (Karen Tweed)
07 – SNOWLAKE (Karen Tweed)
08 – ROOTS (JUURET) (Timo Alakotila)
09 – TERRY’S TANGO PAINTING (Karen Tweed) / RANNALLA (Vesa Tuomi)
10 – MNÁ NA hÉIREANN (Séan Ó Riada) / RICHIE DWYER’S (A Minor) (Richard Dwyer) / TRIP TO GALWAY (Noel Sweeney) / COL SIG OF THE 2-2-6 (Eilidh Shaw)
11 – PROLAPSUS (Timo Alakotila)
12 – JILL WALDEN’S MERINGUES (Karen Tweed) / BLACK AND WHITE (Karen Tweed)
13 – TA DA TWEEDIE (Karen Tweed)



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