Midnight May Monday (CD)


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01 – Hope (composed by Timo Alakotila) / Gerry Commane’sMidnightMayMonday/ Back home at Onsbacken (composed by Karen Tweed) / Beoga (composed by Sean Og Graham) / Sam’s Tune (composed by Sarah Northcott
02 – Moonbeam Passage (composed by Karen Tweed)
03 – Reverof (composed by Karen Tweed) / Lusignac (composed by Chris Wood)
04 – Great Uncle Henry (composed by Emma Reid)
05 – Ensuite Barn (composed by John Dipper) / Spaghetti Panic/With Chilli (composed by Andy Cutting)
06 – Midnight MacMaster (composed by Karen Tweed)
07 – Opposite Angell Road (composed by Karen Tweed)
08 – The Carillion (composed by Maire Breatnach) / AJ’s Jig (composed by Ian Lowthian) / No Better Friends (composed by Karen Tweed)
09 – So Now Joe (composed by Karen Tweed) / Triolipolska (composed by Antti Jarvela)
10 – Timo’s Jig (composed by Roger Tallroth)
11 – Getingen Polska fran Ore efter Timas Haus / The Silver Slipper / Trip to Dingle (composed by Alan Kelly) / Orlando Polecat (composed by Karen Tweed)
12 – Lumen Valossa (composed by Timo Alakotila)



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