Jenny Huggett gave me a great quote at a tango workshop she was leading with Terry Hulf some years ago in the South East of England :

‘Dance music is a love affair with the floor. The work I do is concerned with what’s underneath your feet.’

I’ve thought about that more and more since then and, as an arranger, story-teller (without words) and composer of music that is, at it’s very heart, always inspired by dance (even if it’s mostly played to seated audiences these days) . . . I am drawn back, more and more to dance.

So many conversations, over the years with people like John Kirkpatrick, Kristina Olsen and Alistair Anderson about dance being at the heart of what we do, keep coming back to me. Anyway, enough of the name dropping and more of the ‘DO something, Muttley’ I decided.

Now that last paragraph before last had way too many brackets and almost got too ‘poncy’ (as my Dad would say).

Basically, I love dance, the feet, the rhythm, the dressing up, the social etiquette and of course, the music. Anywhere, any time.

I like to dance and I like to observe it and sometimes draw it.

It encompasses laughter, fun, joy, eyeing up a prospective partner (dancing and beyond) and a communication that doesn’t rely on language or expertise. . . although watching great dancers (tango / Irish set dancing / step dancers / waltzers) fill me with a deep joy as much as the immense joy on childrens’ faces doing the Hokey Cokey or Circassian Circle.

I’ve been asked to teach at FOD in Denmark. It’s in October and is already over-subscribed with 100 participants.

It’s all about FEET. Dancing feet, that is. I wonder if my friend Footsie Steve ( a world respected podiatrist in Brading, IOW) would find it interesting?

Here’s the info :
At FOD you assign as a dancer, a musician or both a dancer and musician. This year, there might be 50 dancers. Currently the numbers are as follows:

23 dancers
43 musicians
27 dancers/musicians


The website :
Choose the British flag in the corner for it to read in English.

FOD has a page on Facebook. Most of it is in Danish, but there is also lots of pictures especially after the festival.

(photo : Fynn Titford-Mock)

Meanwhile, the CREATIVE ACCORDION DAY at Norwich last week was quite a hoot.

 (photo : Fynn Titford-Mock)
And for those of you who couldn’t make the concert – here’s a snippet of the rehearsal Nick, Nic and I had. . .

The Nicks are playing for OnBouge tonight, in London – do get along for a lovely dance:

Friday 12th September
Nick Wiseman-Ellis & Nic Zuppardi @ ‘On Bouge’ London
Primrose Hill Community Centre
29 Hopkinson’s Place
London NW1 8TN
Nearest tube: Chalk Farm
19:30 start
£8 on the door (£7 concessions)

In amongst all the excitement over the Scottish vote, I’ve been listening to Doug Turnbull of Newcastle University talking about the new scientific research into creating children who have the DNA of 3 biological parents (scary); the Ebola crisis (even more scary); that the USA is alarmed at the decrease in their bird numbers (uh oh) and
Greenhouse Gas levels rising

These things stop me in my tracks, mainly because they are not headline news. . .

I’m back on the Isle of Wight this weekend, where the sky is blue and the wind is gentle (at the moment at least) to play at a tea party with Mark Hickman and a 70th birthday celebration at East Dene (also with Mark and Ian Watterson). Next week I’m off to Denmark, leading some workshops at the Music Academy there on music inspired by the Isle of Wight and also on new music in traditional circles written by women in England, Ireland and Scotland (and possibly Wales). I’m sure there’s plenty of room to bring glitter in, too (my next most favourtie topic).

Oh and did anyone see this –

Roger Moore interview

Helen Garson emailed me to say that she has an accordion for sale :

From: Helen Garson []
> Sent: 10 September 2014 17:54
> To: Karen Tweed

My Black Diamond accordion (48 bass) : £400
Tel : 07732 362462.
Helen is based near Amersham in Bucks, England.

Two further reminders :

The new BUNCH OF KEYS CD 3  is out and available from my website :


A Harp On Wight Fundraising Concert!

Vaguely Sunny’s next concert takes place at 7.30pm on Saturday, September  13th and  is a fund raiser for  Harp on Wight .

The concert features singer/songwriter Maz (short for Marie Louise) O’Connor. Her songs -both self-penned and traditional – are influenced by her native Cumbria.

Her second album ‘This Willowed Light’ is hot off the press. The Observer recently rated it as ‘Folk Album Of The Year’ thus far. For more information about Maz’s music please visit

Maz will be supported by young Island singer/songwriter Lauran Hibberd who received a positive response to her appearances on The Bohemian Woods stage during this year’s Isle of Wight Festival.

The concert is taking place at Aspire, Ryde which is the former Holy Trinity Church building in Dover Street, Ryde. Heath Monaghan and his team  have worked extremely hard in a short space of time in order to adopt the building to a range of community use and we are keen to support that.

See for further information.

Tickets for the  concert are £10.00 each and can be booked in advance by phoning 01983-730930.

OK – have a great weekend, Sorry, but I need to share one more Cake with you – by Nick Wiseman-Ellis. . . it was yum!
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