(Photo : KT and Hannah James by Richard Faulks www.rfaulks.com)

My sincere apologies about that last blog – well done to those of you who survived it – I’m amazed my subscribers didn’t all leave at once (perhaps they did and I haven’t checked. . .)

It was my birthday last week and as a surprise, my local Wednesday evening session (The Camlin Bar in Clondra, on the banks of the Shannon)  had a surprise of Birthday bunting, balloons and cake for me. As ever, we had a mighty session. The local TV crowd  came in again last week and filmed us. . .and interviewed me. The first of 14 episodes will be screened shortly!! I’ll keep you posted. . .

(Photo : Tony O’Nions)

However, I am just giving you fair warning (also the title of a great CD by the late, utterly great John Cunningham, brother of Phil the box). . .  since coming out of my hibernation (a medical exercise I tried out last autumn; I couldn’t quite stop my talking but it was down to 40% – amazing, eh? and stopped all blogs, cut my emails and phone calls down to 5% and music and letter writing almost altogether)  there’s just SO much to share with you that I may need to start this year’s hibernation in August as my jaw is seriously in need of some WD40 while my brain is already getting terribly tired. I wish I knew where the ‘refresh’ button was!
That would be disastrous as I’m part of a music / dance project directed by Hannah James at Shrewsbury Festival, playing a solo concert in Portugal and helping to launch the ‘Bunch of Keys’ Tune Book that I’ve been transcribing at the Sligo All Ireland Fleadh.

(Photo : Tony O’NIons)

But seriously, folks, I think I am going to take my dear friend Jacky Squeeze-Overstrand’s advice: she feels that the KT hibernation experiment worked a treat last year and I just need to tweak the dosage, put in more sunny breaks (especially in November, December, January and February), do more ironing and do a workshop in Patsy-Poozie Treatment-of-the-Tweed for all my pals. It could prove lucrative.

Basically, she lets me talk for about 5 minutes, smiles serenely and gently puts her index finger up and pushes it towards my lips, saying, ‘Shhh! Hold that thought’ which silences me and allows a silent-sorbetesque break for everyone or simply allows others some airtime.

(Photo : Tony O’Nions)

Ironing. Yes. My stress-buster. I’ve never had children (‘Thank God’ my Dad would say) so I delight in hours of ironing every so often. I love the warmth, the scent of air-fresh linen and it’s the only time that I listen, really listen to the birds or CDs or, more recently Radio 4 or audio books or documentaries. ’99 words’ still remains a firm favourite (brilliant book by Liz Gray and Radio 4 documentary on the idea that she asked quite a few people if they had breath left for only 99 words, what would they be? I loved Robert Wyatt’s response).

Anyhow – Fair Warning (Oh I miss Johnny Cunningham!!) because I’ve decided to join the 21st Century and start doing ‘Seasons’ of my blogs. I noticed it on ‘Games of Thrones’ (that I can’t watch anymore since the 1st ‘Season’ because I can’t handle the violence and would rather knit) – what’s that all about anyway? ‘Seasons’ or such violence? What’s wrong with ‘Series’? As far as I can tell there’s only 2 seasons in Games of Thrones – Hot and very cold. . . but then it is fiction (but is a bit too like the recent run up to the UK election too). And the OTT of ‘see-it-in-all-it’s-gory-detail, folks’ stuff disturbs me. I’m amazed people find that kind of visual ‘entertaining’! OK Mary Whitehouse rant over.

(Photo : Tony O’ Nions)

Basically, I’m doing the blog in smaller chunks so that you don’t nod off. OK?

What about these photos of the Scarecrow Festival on the Isle of Wight? Many thanks to Tony O’Nions for sending these pictures. Oh I do miss the Isle of Wight too!!

Uh-oh – my word count is up!

More soon. Eeeek!


KT dates :

Friday 12th June : Karen Tweed Solo at Bishop’s Castle Town Hall, SY9 5BG
7.30 p.m. (for an 8pm start)
Tickets : £8 advance / £10 on the door.
Information and Tickets from : keith@woodmail.co.uk   Tel: 01588 638242 or from Bishop’s Castle Town Hall.

Saturday 13th June : Piano Accordion Irish Music workshop with Karen Tweed at Bishop’s Castle Methodist Church Hall, SY9 5AQ
9.30 a.m. (for a 10 am start) – approx. 4.30pm
Tickets : £45 (includes free entry to the Friday evening concert).
Information and Tickets from : keith@woodmail.co.uk   Tel: 01588 638242

Thursday 13th August : Karen Tweed Solo at Gandara Festival, Portugal.

And around and about. . . .

1. Isle of WIght news :

From: Robert Huxtable <bobhuxtable@btinternet.com>

Sent: 31 May 2015 22:19

Subject: Re: Next Woodman’s Session


You may have heard that Station Road, Wootton, will be closed next week.


This will not affect the Woodman’s Session. Access will be available from the Briddlesford Road end.





2. 2. HEALTH :

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Here’s a general overview of our products…
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