Just a very quick up date to say that there’s been some extensive work done on my website in the last week and we’re encountering some ‘interesting’ problems that, fingers crossed, we hope will have been resolved by now.

So. . . if you have tried to order or book anything from my shop and up pops a scary warning that it may be a scam or similar, it’s because when the system crashed (like it did, only, oh, 78 times in a few hours), that’s the automatic message the server sends out. We have talked to the people at the end of the line and they assure us it’ll work, now.. . . .

Apologies from me and I hope you’re having a sunny day. I’ve been listening to Ian Carr’s new CD ‘Who He?’ and some great 1930s tango music sent to me by Kirsten Hellier, a very fine fiddler.

My series of talks at East Dene begin on March 1st and quickly followed by the first Creative Accordion Day (see below). I’ll be back with more soon and hopefully no more updates on the ‘engineering works’. . . .tea, anyone?

And lastly. . .