Many thanks to everyone who contacted me this year; worked so hard in all the workshops / lessons and came to the concerts and ceilidhs that I played in and helped to organise.

Special thanks go to Tom McElvogue for all his work on my website and on the new May Monday website (www.maymonday.com); Lorraine Carpenter at Different Strings Agency and my Dad, just because he’s a great chap!

I hope you have a great Yuletide; I will be sending you some images, thoughts and ideas I’ve had over the last 2 months which have been a bit busy but mostly very inspiring.

On my website, there’s new t shirts. posters and artwork of mine now available (and more coming in the new year). . .I’ve been quite absorbed with doing cartoons, illustrations and logo designs recently which makes me very happy and everyone else, too, as it stops me talking for hours!


There’s also several recordings now available on download, including Bootleg Panini – a traditional Irish music recording I made over 30 years ago with Adrian Burns (guitar / bouzouki). All the downloads have clips to listen to. . .and there’s recordings from several old recordings involving myself, Ian Carr, Andy Cutting, Chris Wood and newer ones from Johnny Coppin.

My tunes book is looking very colourful and should be shipped early in the new year.

But enough of all that. Here’s a poem from a book I was kindly sent from Anna Pack (super accordionist / dancer / photographer / chef / knitter in Nottingham) called

‘Ten Poems about Knitting’ (Candlestick Press ISBN 9-781907-598296) :

‘The Symbolism of Ancient Sweaters’ by Gwyneth Lewis

Homemade sweaters contain a code
To be read by initiates. This bobbling here’s
A marriage proposal, the Fair-Isle cuff
Says : ‘The dog is a spy. Meet me in town
On Tuesday.’ Even more arcane
Are garments made by knitting machine.
I once had a sweater that must have declared:
‘I only like men with facial hair.’ They came.
The way you knit is how you make love,
How you are with your God.
It’s a question of soul, of daily repair.
If space is made of superstrings,
Then God’s a knitter, everything
Is craft, and perhaps we could darn
Tears in the space-time continuum.

And here’s how I started Christmas with this link from the family of Karen Street and Andy Tweed, two super jazz musicians.

Have fun, wherever you are and bellows of love from me.

Karen x

(Photo below taken just outside Longford, by Theresa Ellis)


Fri 29th January : MAY MONDAY (KT & Timo) at DUBLIN Trad Fest Lunchtime recital


FRI 5th Feb : KT solo concert, BANGOR, North Wales (venue tbc)

Sun 7th Feb : KT Bangor Accordion Day
Places limited to 7; 10am – 4.30pm
Tickets : £40
Info and contact (for the concert on 5th Feb and the Accordion Day) :


01286 673696

Mon 11th- Fri 17th July : KT & Timo & Tom McElvogue at KAUSTINEN FESTIVAL, FINLAND



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