Month: September 2014

Northern lights and Dansk

Hello from sunny Denmark! (Above I’m with the ladies from FOD who are here on a course in Esbjerg) Did anyone see the Northern Lights last weekend? Apparently caused by the interaction of the solar wind – a stream of...

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Nicks Feet and accordions. . .

Jenny Huggett gave me a great quote at a tango workshop she was leading with Terry Hulf some years ago in the South East of England : ‘Dance music is a love affair with the floor. The work I do is concerned with...

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Heaven or Hell – which instrument?

Does anyone remember the Garry Larson cartoon ‘Welcome to HeavenĀ  here’s your Harp; Welcome to Hell, here’s your Accordion’? I loved that cartoon . . . and I read recently that actually harpists were once...

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