Paul Pledger,

…and none of this lovely music falls short of expectations. I honestly can’t remember the last time I enjoyed folk-music as much.

Irish Echo

What Tweed has done is further liberate the piano accordion from the oompah band stereotypes and demonstrate the instrument’s full melodicism.

Siobhan Long, the Irish Times

Tweed’s sensibilities straddle classical and traditional modes with the agility of Margot Fonteyn and the fluency of someone bi-lingual since birth. This is a music tethered to neither a time nor a location

Iain Anderson, BBC Radio Scotland

…beautifully presented and judged… an album to which we’ll return.

Neil King, FATEA

At the end of Essentially Invisible To The Eye, which comes all too soon, I realised that I’d spent over 40 minutes just listening to one woman and her accordion, not something I’d have believed I’d have done at the start, now that does prove what a talent Karen Tweed is.

Philip Parr - Parrabbola Theatre director

… how much I enjoyed listening to the new cd. It’s beautifully atmospheric. Thank you