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SicFormed in 1995, SWÅP comprise Karen Tweed (piano accordion), Ian Carr (guitar) (both UK), Ola Bäckström (fiddle, viola d’amore) and Carina Normansson (fiddle, vocals) (both Sweden). Together they made four albums (SWÅP; [SIC]; MOSQUITO HUNTER and DU DA) exploring a fusion of many different genres of folk music, including traditional Swedish music, English music, and the music of Brittany and Ireland.

DU DA is the fourth album..

Track Listing:

  • 01 Dalpilen
  • 02 Fattig Änka (Poor Widow) – Fattig Änka (Poor Duck)
  • 03 Ian’s Jävla Jig – Ian’s Jävla Polska
  • 04 Blind Mattis Leken
  • 05 Midsommarvisa – (Jag Vill Ha) Olas Nya Hus (I Want) Ola’s New House
  • 06 Kronbron (Crown Bridge)
  • 07 Mäster Åslund
  • 08 Så Rider Jag Mej (I Rode)
  • 09 Brudpolska Från Orsa Efter Minu Per (Bridal Polska From Orsa After Minu Per)
  • 10 Ore Polska
  • 11 Se På TV (Watch TV)
  • 12 Perrong Plask

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