Shhh – Ian Carr / Karen Tweed (Digital Download)


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Shhh-Cover-Art-300pxThe long-awaited re-issue of Karen Tweed and Ian Carr featuring twelve tracks of stunning duet music on piano accordion, guitar and melodica! Originally released in 1995, this is the first of two albums recorded by Karen and Ian.

Available to download in high quality 320k MP3 or lossless FLAC formats. The Mp3 album is 110mb to download and the FLAC format album is 478mb so please be aware of this when ordering as you will most likely need a reasonably fast broadband connection to download in a timely manner! If you’re not sure which format you need, it is best to download the MP3 version as this will play on almost all media players whereas the FLAC version may need converting to a different format before it can be played.

You will receive the download links immediately after purchase from the web shop and via email so ensure that you don’t leave the website until your purchase is complete.

Track 01 – The Philobus Waltz (composed by Karen Tweed) / A Punch in the Dark (composed by Gerry O’Connor) / The Contradiction (trad arr. Carr/Tweed)
Track 02 – Tommy Maguire’s Jig 1 (composed by Tommy Maguire) / Humours of Derrycrosnane (trad arr. Carr/Tweed) / Gerry O’Connor’s (trad arr. Carr/Tweed)
Track 03 – Fahy’s (trad arr. Carr/Tweed) / Miss Hanoria McNamara of Ballybunion (composed by Karen Tweed) / Mick Conneely’s (composed by Mick Conneely)
Track 04 – Drever’s Waltz (composed by Karen Tweed) / Connie O’Connell’s (composed by Connie O’Connell)
Track 05 – Ailbe Grace’s (trad arr. Carr/Tweed) / Paul Lander’s (trad arr. Carr/Tweed)
Track 06 – Marco’s Jig (composed by Marco Pollier) / Rory McLeod (trad arr. Carr/Tweed)
Track 07 – The Unstep (composed by Karen Tweed/Ian Carr/Geoff Lincoln) / Reel Beatrice (trad arr. Carr/Tweed) / The Prince’s Feather (composed by Maurice Lennon)
Track 08 – Rorospols (trad arr. Carr/Tweed) / Dickaspolskan (trad arr. Carr/Tweed)
Track 09 – Matthew’s Paper Boy’s Fancy (composed by Martin Matthews) / Cleveland Park (composed by Ivan Drever) / Mary Joyce’s (composed by Luke Daniels)
Track 10 – The Congress Reel (trad arr. Carr/Tweed)
Track 11 – Baby Isle of Ewe (composed by Ian Carr) / Treen Beach (composed by Sarah Allen) / O’Keefe’s Slide (trad arr. Carr/Tweed)
Track 12 – Waltz Montmagny (composed by Alistair Anderson) / Waltz Harry Lane (composed by Andy Cutting)

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