Karen Tweed’s Merrie Melodies Volume 1 (DIGITAL EDITION- PDF/MP3)



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The first installment of 18 tunes composed by Karen Tweed. Notated with bass chords and with an accompanying CD. The book is handwritten and illustrated by Karen and gives the background stories for each tune. Sometimes there’s a recipe, sometimes a poem! Full of surprises and delights, the tunes range from waltzes to mazurkas, from jigs to reels and more. All of Karen’s music comes from a love and respect for the many folk traditions she has encountered on her travels including Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Wales and Scandanavia.

Tunes included:

  • Cliff Is Wot?
  • Collapsing At Hoagies
  • Fffion’s Waltz
  • Kathy’s A Kristmas Kracker
  • Lovely Lorraine
  • Maltloaf Mead
  • Manuka Cottage
  • Meeting Vic In Ventnor
  • Midnight Mead
  • Ms. Normanbong
  • No Better Friends
  • Only Viveka
  • Patrick’s Perfect Party
  • Peter The View Collector
  • Steele The Show
  • Ted Morris’ Christmas Coalchase
  • The Thrift and The Foxgloves-on-Sea
  • Waltzing Into Sunlight


Please note this is the Digital Edition which comprises a PDF of the book and all of the CD tracks as MP3’s. You will need to download this to a computer in order to access the content and it will not download directly to an iPhone/iPad or other such devices directly. In order to read/listen on an mobile device it will need to be transferred from your computer after downloading.

The download is 104MB so it will require a reasonable internet connection to download in a timely manner. Enjoy!

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