Half as happy as we – The 2 Duos Quartet (Digital Download)


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twoduosquartetAvailable to download in high quality 320k MP3 or lossless FLAC formats. The Mp3 album is 92mb to download and the FLAC format album is 395mb so please be aware of this when ordering as you will most likely need a reasonably fast broadband connection to download in a timely manner! If you’re not sure which format you need, it is best to download the MP3 version as this will play on almost all media players whereas the FLAC version may need converting to a different format before it can be played.

You will receive the download links immediately after purchase from the web shop and via email so ensure that you don’t leave the website until your purchase is complete.

Track 01 – Amberanna
Track 02 – I feel a smile coming on
Track 03 – Rain a sup / Going to the well for water
Track 04 – The Shouter
Track 05 – Miss Hanoria McNamara of Ballybunion / Robin’s / Waltz Harry Lane
Track 06 – Olivers / Two Beers
Track 07 – Reel / Reel de chicoutimi / La Belle Epoque
Track 08 – Through Lonesome Woods
Track 09 – Planxty Madam Maxwell

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