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BootlegPaniniAvailable to download in high quality 320k MP3 format. The Mp3 album is 119mb to download so please be aware of this when ordering as you will most likely need a reasonably fast broadband connection to download in a timely manner!

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A summer Saturday in North London c.1986

‘Lunch? I have a better idea,” she replied, “Why don’t I ask Tom Nagle if I can borrow his box and I’m sure he’ll have a ghetto blaster. . . we’ll have the tunes down on a cassette in a jiffy. . .what d’you reckon?”

“Do I get a choice?”

This music was originally recorded on a cassette C90 tape at Thomas Nagle’s family home in North London in about 2 hours c.1986.

The cassette then went around the UK, Ireland and beyond in a response to requests that I had received from several friends who wanted to learn what they regarded as my more ‘unusual’ session tunes. These were some of the tunes I had collected from everywhere over a period of 10 years.

Then, sometime in the mid 1990s, someone gave my Dad, Les Tweed, a copy of the cassette and asked him if he remembered it.

A few years later, Niall Keegan suggested that I put this out on CD during a conversation where I had told Niall that I’d been getting a lot of requests to record a more ‘traditional Irish-sounding’ CD.

At that time (the turn of this century), I felt I had nothing musically to say about Irish music, that hadn’t already been addressed by others.

A few years later, I suggested the idea to Adrian.

And finally, here we are.

This isn’t the most perfect recording – it was done quickly, for fun and on a cassette recorder. We haven’t taken out the mistakes or tried to smooth out the production.

It is what it is. A few musical hours, quite a long time ago, in the district where I was born. And it still makes me smile broadly.

Heartfelt thanks go to the Nagle family, Tom Nagle and Siobhan O’Donnell, Jackie Wynne, Ailbe Grace, John (Bogey) Dalziel (RIP), Tom Conoboy (RIP), Gerry Hewitt (RIP), all the Leeds and Birmingham session boys and girls, Ivan Miletitch, Vincent Blin, Michel Ferry, Tom McElvogue, Noreen Cullen, John Whelan, Peter McAlinden, Kevin Ryan, Marian McGauley, Eileen Opie, Annette Hannigan, Paddy & Anne Molloy (RIP), Luton Leagrave CCE, St Albans CCE and anyone else we may have forgotten to mention. . .

. . .and Niall Keegan & Les Tweed who reminded us about all this in the first place. November 2015

Karen would like to dedicate this recording to the memory of Tom Conoboy and Gerry Hewitt with whom she shared so many years of great music in and around Northampton, England.

01. Charlie’s Cap (K.Tweed-PRS) / Ailbe Grace’s (A.Grace-IMRO)
02. Tommy Maguire’s (T.Maguire-ASCAP) / Coalminer’s (Trad. Arr. K.Tweed_A.Burns) – The Youngest Daughter (Trad) 03. Gortnaskehy (K.Tweed-PRS/May Monday Horizons Publishing) / Gan Ainm / Gan Ainm
04.Jacky Daly’s (J.Daly-IMRO) / Finbar Dwyer’s / John James’ (Mick Conneely-IMRO)
05. Tom McElvogue’s Jigs (T.McElvogue-IMRO)
06. Shamrock Hill (S.Ryan-IMRO) / The Rising Sun (Trad Arr K.Tweed/Adrian Burns – PRS/May Monday Horizons Publishing) – The Pope’s Toe (Trad Arr K.Tweed/Adrian Burns – PRS/May Monday Horizons Publishing)
07. Gan Ainm / Gain Ainm / The Second Victory (Trad. Arr. K.Tweed/A.Burns May Monday Horizons Publishing/PRS) – The Cat’s Meow (J.Madden-ASCAP)
08. Tom McElvogue’s (T.McElvogue-IMRO) – The Whole Thing (K.Tweed-PRS/May Monday Horizons Publishing)
09. The Green Fields of Glentown (T.Peoples-IMRO) / Gan Ainm / The Bucks of Oranmore (Trad. Arr. K.Tweed/A.Burns- May Monday Horizons Publishing/PRS)
10. Finbar Dwyer’s (F.Dwyer-IMRO) / Finbar Dwyer’s (F.Dwyer-IMRO) / The Square in Crossmaglen (J.Keegan-IMRO) / Return to Miltown (Trad Arr K.Tweed/Adrian Burns – PRS/May Monday Horizons Publishing)

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  1. Niall

    Traditional Irish music is now just another of the media driven music cultures of today. Today we learn tunes from Youtube, Facebook and Soundcloud. We take lessons online or over Skype. In this culture the world has become distanceless
    – it is cheap and easy to get from where you are to where you might hear Irish music (most of the time). This was not always the case. In the nineteen-eighties you were dependent on new album releases (in one year you could usually count the number of them on one hand), very occasional radio broadcasts and most importantly meeting new musicians, which again might happen rarely.

    A cassette culture developed in this context. Sessions, gigs and impromptu performances were recorded and copied and distributed and copied again and again. Some recordings, such as this one, became infamous. When you lived outside of the heartlands of tradition, these tapes were doubly important, a
    fact further multiplied for those living beyond Ireland. This tape was even more important as it was recorded in a Wood Green living room. Karen Tweed with her rare Irish tunes, mixed with traditional and newly written tunes from other folk traditions but played in a beautiful yet idiosyncratically Irish style. Adrian Burns was that rare thing, a great bouzouki and guitar player – flute and fiddle players were two-a-penny off the Kilburn High Road but when you met a backer of Adrian’s immense talent you stuck to him like glue.

    For me this tape was vital, I wore out multiple copies and had to beg borrow and (perhaps) steal more. This tape reflected the best of the tradition. They played against the big-studio, audio perfection agenda of popular and commercial music – there are mistakes here and the recording is all the more endearing for it. They were freely given – I never bought one. They came from the music and a battered old tape recorder, not a desire to become famous, get gigs, or make money.

    And now Karen and Adrian have gone and made a commercial download out of it and have sold it to you – sod ‘em!

    Dr. Niall Keegan
    Director of Undergraduate Studies, Associate Director,
    Irish World Academy of Music and Dance.

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