Happy January!

Welcome to my website and a huge thank you to Tom McElvogue, Jamie McCoan and Jean Claude Salin for helping to set up and maintain everything you see here. There are some solo concerts planned this year and several day workshops, the first being in Bangor, North Wales the weekend of 5th February. Contact annie_adprin@hotmail.com for details.


I have started to do more illustrative work too, mostly for fun (see my artwork page) although I have also been commissioned to do some book covers and new band logos.

I don’t use Adobe Photoshop – all my work is done with pens, paper and inks; I am rather old fashioned but enjoy the process immensely.

Composing and Arranging...

I’m composing and arranging quite a bit, while my live performances have been divided between touring with May Monday last November (www.maymonday.com) and playing at friends’ weddings and funerals, both of which I find really celebratory and beautiful to be involved with.


It was great to be part of Johnny Coppin’s Christmas shows again in 2015 and after a few hiccups, I’m finalising the first of my series of Merrie Melodies Tunes books.  . . . .and reading biographies and knitting and drawing cartoons. . .

I hope this month is a bright and cheery one for you all.

Karen x x x

Karen Tweed & Timo Alakotila – May Monday